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36 Åboulevard
København, 2200

Alona Vibe. Creative and academic soul. Citizen of the World. Based in Copenhagen. 
Photographer + consultant + writer. 

Alona Vibe is all about peach and light. 

TED x Copenhagen

Alona Vibe is a sel-titled website dedicated to showcase Alona Vibe's portfolio and journal / blog section. Alona Vibe is a photographer, creative and academic soul, working with communication and visual identity. 


Took the pictures for the official poster, press material and website of the main event 'Reconsider this', Copenhagen 2016. The idea behind the motives were optical illusions, shapes, urban, abstract, but at the same time recognizable and known places in Copenhagen.  I also covered the pre-screening held at Space10 and the main event held on the 7th of april at Bremen Theatre in CPH.