Based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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Soon to be Master of Science in IT.
Also a photographer.
Influencer. Geek. Researcher. Conflict mediator.
Daughter. Sister. Citizen of the earth.

I do commercial photography, lifestyle, fashion.
Art direction and a lot of consultancy on digital media.


If you want to know more.


I have worked with companies, organizations, medias and artists since 2012. This includes investigating and planning communication processes, consulting, conceptualizing, and producing creative content for different media channels,  direction of media productions, as well as organizing and throwing workshops, PR events, photoshoots and festivals.


I have a hard time labelling myself with one work-title only, as I excel in a wide variety of subjects and fields of work. I hold a BA. in communication and digital media, and currently studying a master in Digital Innovation and Management at the IT University of Copenhagen and a junior researcher at ETOS lab. I aim for my life to be constant shape-shifting, full of exploration and evolution - where I build on skills in different areas, and synthesizes the knowledge I acquire to work. This on-going proces is fueled by inputs from work, society, people, science, innovation, culture - you get the point - life. This might sound confusing, but for me it's a force to be somewhat of a 'multipotentialist' and also the most meaningful approach and philosophy when coping in a world where a major goal is to innovate and generate change and development in every aspect of society. How does this work in practice? 


My work approach is both based on academic knowledge, practical experiences, creative thinking and collaboration. I have vast experience with methodological, interdisciplinary and problem-oriented project work. I have a great understanding of a work proces from the early phase of planning to the final execution where everything is put into work. I'm a teamplayer and a natural leader. I enjoy working closely with clients and partners, as I believe this provides nuanced and elaborated solutions that suit the individual client or partner the best.


This website serves as a collection of my multi-faceted work. It's a portfolio, a personal word + photo journal and a creative outlet for my passion for photography, culture, movement, storytelling, human kind and our earth. My intention is to ambitiously uncover stories and point of views, to meet great people, collaborate on projects, add value to the progressive media collective, as well as to inspire others to keep pushing to pursue their goals. 

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