Three items from Georg Jensen perfect for gifting

For the last minute Christmas gift shopping I wanted to share three personal favorites from the new Shades collection from Georg Jensen as it offers both luxurious and affordable everyday items perfect for gifting. I’ve had the opportunity to fall a little in love with the collection over the past couple of months and found my top three that I’ve both suggested friends and now also sharing with you.

The collection is received as a PR gift, however this post is not endorsed or sponsored by Georg Jensen.


I. Book mark

First favorite is the sculptural bookmark which is currently used to keep track of my night time reading. Its a fun and practical little item to add to gifting a book for Christmas. Besides being visually nice, I love that it won’t demolish like paper book marks.

Georg Jensen Shades collection
Georg Jensen Shades

II. Key chain

I’m really into the elegant shape of this key chain and it has become the perfect substitute for my old that desperately needed retirement. My mother used to have the Ellipse key chain, but lost it after many years of use. Planning on replacing it with a copy of this one and hope she will be just as happy.


III. The bag hanger

The bag hanger is my absolute favorite from the whole collection and I cannot count how many times people have been equally amazed by it’s functionality as I’ve pulled it up on a coffee date. Honestly, I would never have thought that a bag hanger would make so much sense to me. I’ve never been interested in handbags and always preferred tactical bags that are attachable to the body - like fanny packs. However, as I’ve grown older, having a real handbag somehow became relevant for me for practical and professional reasons. So this year I invested in my first. I personally prefer using my more delicate purchases rather than preserving them – however I still want to make sure they last long. This is where the hanger has changed my bag game; it saves the bag from dirty floors and helps me to keep it from taking up surface area in public places. It’s the type of item I have come to value on an almost daily basis and never would have thought I needed before I had it – qualities that, in my opinion, make a perfect gift!

Georg Jensen Shades
Btw the hanger leaves no marks on the surface area.

Btw the hanger leaves no marks on the surface area.


The visuals of this post grew out of an immediate instinct to capture the brass material as the very scarce december sun strokes hit it through my bedroom window. Got a lot of questions on my IG story of how they were created: it’s not studio lighting - just the sun and its magic.

Current favorites: #1 podcasts

In 2018 the podcast format has really grown on me. It’s the perfect way to keep myself intellectually stimulated and my brain in shape while my hands are occupied for instance when biking, driving the car, editing photos, or cooking dinner.

These are my current favorites


Couples Therapy

Candice Pool and Casey Neistat invite us into a raw conversation about all that is relationship: they are bickering and joking about the struggles and happiness of relationships like only new yorkers can do.

With his smart take on the vlogging format, Casey opened my eyes to the world of YouTube as something more than home videos. Today he has more than 5m subs on his channel. Candice is a powerhouse of a woman, and much more than just ‘Casey’s wife’. The podcast is apparently the only time where they have a moment to sit down and talk - just the two of them.


Couples therapy
Imagine space 10


Imagine is a four-episode podcast created by the future-living lab SPACE10 whom I’ve always had a crush on. SPACE10 researches and designs innovative solutions to major societal changes expected to affect people in the future. Imagine takes listeners on a tour of the shared living landscape and features interviews with architects, anthropologists, designers and urban planners.

It aims to inspire people to rethink how to design our future homes, neighbourhoods and cities to improve our quality of life and tackle some of the pressing challenges we expect to face in our new urban reality.

#future living


How I built this

Guy Raz interviews founders of world famous companies about their journey to business success. It offers insights to the many ways major businesses have come to be. Some of my favorites are the episodes with founder(s) of Glossier, WeWork, Instagram, Patagonia.


how i built this emily weiss
joe rogan elon musk

the Joe Rogan experience #1169 with Elon Musk

I haven’t yet listened to other episodes of the Joe Rogan experience, however I wanted to include this specific episode featuring Elon Musk - the man behind Tesla and SpaceX. The episode is long: two nights in a row I walked around the lakes with this episode in my ears. The format and their conversation about all things technology, AI, and how Musk manages his time, while the two drink some whiskey and smoke a joint, left me with a feeling of intimacy and like I was sat there in the same room with them. Rogan is a talented interviewer and he picks Musk’s brain in a slow and intuitive format which creates an interesting and dynamic conversation between the two, rather than a classic and more rigid interview format.



Creative Voyage

Launched only a few months ago Creative Voyage already offers twelve interesting episodes centered around creative professions. Mario Depicolzuane interviews an array of recognized professionals in design, architecture, fashion, graphic design, and more, and thus the podcast offers interesting perspectives for especially creative minds that are looking to improve or gather new food for thought. What I like the most about it is that it provides both high-level perspectives, as well as practical insights and ways to level up as a creative professional across different creative disciplines.

#creative industry

juliet allen authentic sex

Authentic sex with Juliet Allen

Juliet Allen is leading sexologist in Australia. She talks about all-things sex, pleasure and relationships in an incredibly bold and straight-to-the-point manner. I believe that some might get provoked or disagree with perspectives shared - that might be the essence of why this podcast is both so wonderful and important. The podcast is meant for both women and men and all types of sexualities and gives both spiritual, educational and practical perspectives on modern sexuality.


A review of spa hotel Yasuragi

After months where the thesis has controlled our life to a large extent (mine the most but a partner never goes free from the tensions) I decided what we needed was a short trip away without thesis or work in focus. I wanted to be present around Kenneth’s birthday – despite the fact that the day doesn’t mean much to him. It does to me. I think a yearly celebration of the existence of your loved ones is meaningful.

With only 2 days’ time to afford and inspired by last years wonderful trip to Skodsborg, Sweden and spa felt like a great solution. A bit more exotic and adventurous than staying at home in Denmark. In theory; the perfect getaway. In practice, however, we honestly felt it was a waste of money.

I hate to complaint. I can’t stand putting people in unpleasant situations which is essentially what happens when you complain about something. But I do feel that by sharing things on my social media channels comes a responsibility of telling the whole story. In case anyone should be inspired to try out something I showed or talked about – whether it is a product or an experience. Consider this the motivation for this post.

Alona vibe



We stayed a night at the Strand hotel in the center of Stockholm to get half a day in the city. We wanted to indulge in Italian food at Babette that was recommended by this lovely swede. But with the winter darkness upon us at 15.30 we were already starving at 16 which did not match Babette’s opening hours. Instead we had Neapolitan pizza at Giro, and later candy in bed.  

We liked the hotel – although, the rooms are quite small for what you pay. The bathroom, for instance, was too tiny for me to blow-dry my hair. It felt cramped. But I guess that’s a Scandinavian thing – high sq m prices.  



The last day and night we spent at Yasuragi – a Japanese bath and hotel tucked in the woods 10km outside of Stockholm. As an award winning spa with promises of tranquility and with matching solid prices, the expectations were high. However, these were sadly not fulfilled for a number of different reasons.

I had booked a spa package that included access to the baths, ‘superior room’ with Japanese ablution, and a teppanyaki dinner – and to paint the fairest picture I’ll cover both the positive and negative remarks on this experience.

First and foremost, the newly renovated indoor baths were architecturally beautiful and very photogenic – note that the baths are a digital free zone so don’t plan on capturing it (explains the few photos in this post). In times of digital invasion, I loved this principle.  

The thing is, that it felt so pretty, while it failed to instill a feeling of intimacy that allows for both bodily and mental self-care which is essentially what you come for in a spa; to rest and rejuvenate. Furthermore, the spa treatments were really expensive and judging from google reviews not worth the money.

That being said, I absolutely loved the outdoor pools with steamy hot water. I believe there were four or five pools spread out on different levels that followed the hill side with a view of the pine trees and Stockholm archipelago. It immediately made me dream of building a hot top in my imaginary and future home.

Outdoor pools  Via Yasuragi

Outdoor pools Via Yasuragi

Alona Vibe

 Staying the night

The rooms are made with good intentions but it felt like a covered up conference slash hostel (‘vandrehjem’) room. The place aims to be luxurious, but underneath the surface there are cracks or something not quite adding up. To provide a specific example, the floor was damaged and a few lamps were not working. The best thing about staying the night was the view to the archipelago at sunset captured at the picture.

With the location out in the woods you don’t really have another choice but to eat at Yasuragi. Our experience was a friendly staff, but the 5 course teppanyaki dinner lacked flavor, felt impersonal and we walked out from there smelling like we had been to a grill bar. Not exactly the feeling you want to have after having spent the day purifying yourself in the bath facilities.

The breakfast buffet was also disappointing – you know – just tasteless and it left us with a feeling of regret. Like we should have saved the appetite for something at the airport. As a massive breakfast lover that is not a feeling I’m familiar with.



Would I recommend it?

In terms of staying over for the night we sadly do not think it’s worth the money.

All in all, it felt too commercial, polished, noisy, and crowded, and we left with a feeling of not having received matching value for what we paid and pure disappointment. The sad thing is that is has so much potential.

I would recommend visiting Yasuragi for a day. It’s fine if you live in Stockholm, or are in the area either way. Although, I would advise you to go by car as with public transportation it takes at least 1 hour to get there from the city center and includes min. a metro and two bus rides. It took almost 2 hours of transportation to get to the airport.

The moment I think back at to sort of justify the money and time spent on this trip was when we sat in the steamy hot water outside, and felt the cold air pinch our face, while the sun went down and the sky gradually turned blue, then pink and finally completely dark. It was beautiful. It was just a shame that this feeling wasn’t present throughout most of the experience.

Generally, I would advise you to save your money and go to Japan instead. After all, the expenses were not far from matching two plane tickets to Tokyo. A fact we try not to think too much about.


Alona Vibe Yasuragi