Inspired by the ocean

In collaboration with AKVA Jewellery

Alona vibe photographer akva jewellery

Growing up on the country side not too far from ocean and with a pair of parents who’ve made their children spent countless hours by the sea, I’ve developed a great appreciation of, if not addiction to, being near the ocean. I’ve always felt happier and more in balance after a day near the water. Thus, at this point in time where plastic pollution and climate change is so very present, I feel scared and emotional just thinking about our oceans and how we are treating them directly and indirectly through our consumption.

My parents always made sure that we left the beach in a better shape than how we found it - always collecting our own and other’s trash. Having never known of anything else but a responsible behavior towards nature, the importance of caring for not just the ocean, but all nature, was definitely imprinted in my early childhood and I’m so very thankful for this vital lesson.

Alona Vibe photographer AKVA jewellery
alona vibe photographer akva jewellery

Now, living on my 8th year in Copenhagen seeing more concrete than water and on my 28th year in life, I’ve noticed that reflections on future living - particularly how and where it should unfold - are more and more present. While there are many doubts and things to settle upon one was certain from the very beginning; life cannot unfold too far from the ocean. A clean ocean.

Alona Vibe photographer AKVA jewellery
Alona Vibe photographer AKVA jewellery
Alona Vibe photographer AKVA jewellery

Therefore, it felt like a very authentic match when AKVA Jewellery approached about a potential collaboration. I instantly fell in love with the elegant and organic design of their pieces that takes its main inspiration from the ocean and oceanic life. Through their pieces, AKVA seeks to increase awareness about the beauty and the importance of the ocean to the world’s eco-system and to spread the message that we have to take better care of it.

alona vibe photographer akva jewellery

A extremely beautiful design and an equally important message, that I stand by with every inch of me and I want to help spreading through my platform(s).


alona vibe akva jewellery

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Iceland | travel guide: roadtrip in Iceland

Checking in to announce that I have finally put together a travel guide to traveling around Iceland by car - one of my favorite travel experiences of all time. The travel guide includes our personal itinerary, experiences, favorites and general tips to traveling in Iceland. I’m also sharing a private link to our google map with location pins for all of our favorite or starred spots for your convenience.

I sincerely hope it will be a great help to many of you — make sure to ask any questions you may have.

Love, Alona

— FIND the iceland TRAVEL GUIDE HERE —

Glossier play

“Glossier Play is a brand of dialed-up beauty extras.”

Photo —Glossier Play. Sarah Feingold.

Photo —Glossier Play. Sarah Feingold.

Har I set at Glossier netop har launchet et virkelig extra underbrand ved navn Glossier Play?

Jeg har sagt det så mange gange, at I snart må være trætte af at høre om mine varme følelser for Glossier brandet og founderen Emily Weiss. Men som inkarneret fan er jeg selfølgelig også nysgerrig på hvad underbrandet vil og kan. Jeg forstår Glossier Play, som den vilde lillesøster, der ikke kan få plads til at folde sine flamboyante vinger ud i Glossier’s overordnede univers. Hvor fokus især er ‘low maintenance’ i overbrandet Glossier, så lader det til at der under Play brandet bliver gjort plads til high-polish, glitter og alskens farver. Max glam.

Selvom produkterne - der lige nu består af lipgloss ‘Vinylic Lip, eye gel ‘Colorslide’, pallietgelé ‘Glitter Gelée og highlighter koncentrat ‘Niteshine - langt fra lægger op til mit sædvanelige look, så er jeg fascineret af det kreative og frigjorte univers. Stærkt påvirket af den über cool og gudesmukke Sarah Feingold (som jeg har crushet på i en længere årrække) er jeg især spændt på at afprøve de pigmenterede colorslides. Måske bære dem som her eller her.

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Did you see the new and dialed-up Glossier sub brand; Glossier Play? I’m ofc intrigued as the massive fangirl that I am.

I understand it as the flamboyant little sister that simply could’t release its own wild potential with getting its own sub brand. While one of the main drivers and focus of Glossier has been on creating products that feel ‘low maintenance' and is relevant for anyone at any time, Play seems to focus on the completely opposite. With its high polish, glitter and a loud color scheme there is room for being playful and maxing out on the glam!

Despite the fact that the products - which right now consist of the lipgloss ‘Vinylic Lip, eye gel pencil ‘Colorslide’, palliette gel ‘Glitter Gelée and highlighter concentrate ‘Niteshine - aren’t like any of the products I would normally reach for when doing my go-to party look, I’m still quite fascinated by the playful and liberated universe. Under heavy influence of the dead cool and beautiful Sarah Feingold (who I have crushed on since years back), I’m especially hooked on trying the highly pigmented colorslide eye gel. Maybe something down the line of this or this look.