7 days in New York

This post is not a comprehensive guide but a collection of my visual memories and personal favorites (expect food, shopping and sights) from my first trip to New York City. A trip I've dreamed about and anticipated for years. It finally happened: 7 days of much needed vacation with my love. 



Initially we thought about dividing the week by staying in two different locations for me to get familiar with more areas of the city. In the end we decided to stay all 7 days in the same place to make it less complicated. We stayed in an airbnb in prime Williamsburg located at N 5th st right next to Bedford avenue and Berry st. Two streets full of coffee shops, grocery options, great restaurants and even good shopping. We fell completely in love with the area and when the week was over we kinda agreed that we would never want to stay elsewhere. It just had this home-ish feeling.

A few hotel suggestions: Ludlow, Soho Grand or 1 Hotel in Brooklyn

Alona vibe Photography New York


Breakfast is crucial for me. I get both (h)angry and fatique without it. And then I just love everything that belongs to the breakfast category. Both the healthy and the sweet stuff. If you can relate I warn you that it can get quite stressful with the amount of promising breakfast spots in NYC. In our case we agreed very quickly that we wanted to just take it easy and do what we felt like despite an intense research phase prior to the trip. This resulting in us having the first meal of the day in Williamsburg all 7 days. Some spots noted in advance, but mostly random.

Alona Vibe Photography Gotan NYC



1. Gotan (Williamsburg)
# the healthy

Simple, colorful and seasonal breakfast / lunch menu with a green focus. The avocado toast with feta is really good, as well as their chia porridge with fresh fruit and coffee in bright red cups. They offer milk alternatives oat/soy/almond which is a big plus in my book!

Alona Vibe Photography New york guide

2. Okonomi (Williamsburg)
# the special

One morning we decided to change up our normal morning routines and visit Okonomi, a Japanese restaurant tucked inside a tiny black clapboard house in Williamsburg. We already had our eyes on this place, but when their traditional ichiju sansai set breakfast was recommended by our friend Nana (who has impeccable taste) we knew we had to go. 

Okonomi only has a few seats. Two window-seat tables and a few along the counter that separates the dining area with the open kitchen. It felt very intimate and a bit like a time warp or a two-hour travel to Japan.

The meal consists of 5 small servings, a bowl of multi grain rice, hot miso soup, pickled rainbow colored vegetables, a choice of grilled fish, an optional (but essential) onsen egg  and two sides. A cube of omelet, creamy with soy milk, dashi, white soy and a fillip of sugar, baked until bronzed on top and bottom, and a small stack of green beans. 

Grilled fish is not exactly what I normally appreciate in the morning, why Kenneth doubled-checked 'are you sure you're ready for grilled fish in the morning?'. But it may be one of the best experiences we had during the week. 



3. 5 leaves (Green point)
# the popular

5 leaves is located on a corner that devides 3-4 different neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Due to great popularity the weekend usually means a long queue around brunch time. We went there on a weekday, a little earlier than the rest of the people, and we had no waiting time. I noted 5 leaves from WEAREMAD's wonderful NYC guide (Katrine makes killer travel guides!). Later it was recommended by Frede and a few others of my girlfriends (looking  at you Anso & Kristine). I chose the ricotta pancakes with fresh fruit and cinnamon / honeycumb butter. It was possibly the most delicious stack of pancakes I've ever had. The hype is understandable. To close the loop it's worth mentioning that Munchies has made a "how to: make brunch"-video so we can all learn how to make those legendary pancakes!

Alona Vibe Photography NYC Williamsburg

4. Sweet Chick (Williamsburg & LES)
# the hyped + comfort

Sweet Chick is a modern American diner that serves 'comfort food'. Come here for the best and most hyped duble-coated fried chicken and the perfect airy/fluffy waffles with syrup and three different flavors of whipped butter. Sweet chick was one of the few places Kenneth insisted on showing me and I have to admit that it surprised me a lot and I regret we only went there once. Watch the small video reportage of the place by Hypebeast.

* Met that beautiful couple at Sweet Chick.


5. Pies'n'Thighs (Williamsburg)
# the greasy

Greasy soul + slow food w. a focus on American dishes. Don't get their buckwheat waffles (Sweet Chick does it better) but instead order the biscuits, donuts or pies which the place receives a lot of praise for. I still dream of the delicious crunchy+ buttery biscuits with honey curd. Pies'n'thighs are also worth experiencing for the authentic and local atmosphere with southern interior design and soul on the playlist. Got to love places that serve you Sam Cooke and Erykah Badu tunes for breakfast.






# Mexican

One night we craved Mexican food and went to Tacombi on Elisabeth St. where corn tacos are served from a vintage VW combi truck in a former garage space. The garage is decorated with light bulbs, colorful handpainted wall signs and potted plants evoking tropical feelings. Despite it being a bit pricey we enjoyed every bite and left very satisfied. The chicken quesadilla is a must!

Katz delicatessen
# Meat

Also known as Katz's of New York founded in 1888. A quick disclaimer is that this is an iconic kosher deli for hardcore meat lovers. The pastrami sandwich is a cult-favorite, but even if you're not a fan of meat sandwiches, the busy space is interest to see nevertheless.

Tacombi Nolita via

Tacombi Nolita via



Pokebab (Williamsburg)
# Fresh + Fast

I lost track on the amount of Pokebowls we had during our 7 days.  If you haven't heard about this hawaiian/japanese food concept you should check it out. Pokebab quickly became our local to-go lunch/dinner spot as it is an easy and quick way to get healthy food consisting of good carbs, greens and fish.


The Four Horsemen (Williamsburg)
# Neigbourhood gourmet

"A neigbourhood restaurant" that serves natural wines and delicious food in Japanese-Scandinavian surroundings. We spend our last night in NYC with a perfect dinner at the Four Horsemen together with two danish friends. My homegirl Polina lives in NYC and works for LCD Soundsystem's frontman James Murphy and wife Christina Topsøe who together opened the bar and restaurant. For good reasons the restaurant has become Polina's second home and was able to guide us through the menu. But honestly I feel pretty content of saying that every dish served here is a safe choice. It was balanced, interesting and beautiful food. Every little bite. It would be my first choice for a dinner date with friends or a loved one. The prices are high, the crowd is cool, it feels homey and evokes exactly the feeling of a neigborhood restaurant where you want to hang out every night during the week. The spot is featured in the Netflix series Master of None and Vice's Munchies!


... out on these spots. 

Milk Bar (Sweets) 

De Maria (breakfast + lunch)

Paulie gee (Pizza)

Roberta's Pizza (Pizza)

Má Pêche Momofuku (Asian Fusion)

Aburiya Kinnosuke (Authentic Japanese izakaya)





Lower Manhattan/SOHO

In my humble oppinion I think SoHo is New York City’s prime shopping district. SoHo (an acronym for South of Houston Street) features galleries, luxury boutiques and independent-designer outposts. Besides good shopping there are plenty of photo opportunities and great food and coffee in this area. Too many to name them all, so here's a few highlighted stores.






KITH, founded by sneaker designer, Ronnie Fieg in 2010, recently opened up to a three floors flagship store on Lafayette Street. The store caters multibrand streetwear to both men and women. I loved the conceptual and well designed store even tho I didn't bring anything with me home. Check it out if you're into limited edition sneakers, streetwear, or want to be cool with the cool kids and fancy an Insta worthy treat.


Stadium Goods & Flight Club

Two classics if you're into sneaker re-selling or searching limited releases. There are severals in NYC but these are a must.

Stadium Goods

Stadium Goods



For the K-beauty geeks this is a must. My favorite shops were Clio and The Face Shop. Both had a lot of great deals and gave a lot of samples with a purchase. Tho I would recommend doing some research on which brands and products that you're interested in before heading to these shops as you can easily get overwhelmed by the endless amount of options - which are all written in korean to make it more complicated haha.

A few others I enjoyed..




... you're interested in online branding and business development anno 2017.


1. Supreme

You either love or hate this brand. But it's impossible not to be fancinated by the recent years succes, insane demand and hype about the brand with the red box logo. It is named the most reselled brand in the world. Therefore it is highly recommended to pay the store a visit to experience the brand culture everything from how you register online (to get a spot in a qeue), stand in multiple lines to get inside the store, the reselling culture (online and supreme pushers at street corners) and the whole vibe inside the store which feels like most kids' holy grail. Make sure to visit the recently opened store in Williamsburg. It's bigger than the one in SoHo and has a built-in skate bowl in the back (like the OG in L.A.). But be prepared for the qeues and bodyguards.


2. Glossier Showroom

Make sure to check out the girly universe at the Glossier showroom, which has, in the course of two years, gone from launch to being talked about as the beauty brand that possibly defines a whole generation. Another interesting space to visit if you are interesting in a brand that has huge succes with appealing to the digital generation. Again be prepared for the qeues.



3. Outdoor Voices

A beautiful light- wooden shop of the interesting workout and sportswearbrand that lives a succesful life online (+ offline). Outdoor Voices (OV) is another brand to watch in terms of succesfully understanding this generation and develop products that are great and appealing. OV wants to take out the aspect of competition and is higly based on a loyal community. Check out #doingthings on IG to get an idea.



* See this recent discussion and talk with founder of Glossier, Emily Weiss and founder of Outdoor Voices, Tyler Haney, at TechCrunch to know more about community and brand building, supply chain optimization, and expansion.

* See the Complex produced documentary about the reselling culture around Supreme

outdoor voices


NYC is obviously full of sights. Why I have limited this post to only bringing my favorites from this visit. Expect no Statue of Liberty but a few other classics. 

Alona Vibe Photography New york guide
Alona Vibe Photography New york guide


For the perfect sunset view. My boyfriend thinks the Top of the Rock offers a better view of the city than Empire State Building. I haven't experienced the latter, but I loved the view from the Rock. Lower Manhattan on one side, Central Park on the other. Make sure to buy your tickets in advance (through website) to skip the line, and I recommend going an hour before sunset to catch both the daylight and the golden NYC light.

Alona vibe photography NYC guide Top of the rock


We didn't get to see Brooklyn Bridge which is highlighted in every decent NYC guide (saving up for a 2nd visit). But instead we crossed Manhattan Bridge which has a few good photo spots on its way (especially on the Manhattan side) and a cool overview of the city.

Alona Vibe photography NYC kenneth nguyen
Alona Vibe Photography New york guide
Alona Vibe Photography New york guide
Alona Vibe Photography New york guide
pitstop for 2$ pizza

pitstop for 2$ pizza



China town is busy, noisy, interesting, colorful and full of photo opportunities. But be gentle and respectful as the asian culture is not too keen of being photographed.




Formerly a rail track, now an elevated park that spans around 15 blocks. I loved everything about this park. It's something really special to be able to pass through multiple neigbourhoods and watch it from a couple of meter height. An other very different perspective than the one you get from the street. The modern architecture is softened up with the wild greenery, and this combo makes for great pictures and plenty of spots to relax and take it all in. 


Central park

Another classic but a must see for a first timer like me. We took the time to walk around and see the different nooks and hooks of the park and stop at the incredible beautiful Bethesda Terrace and Arch in the heart of the park (pictured). 

Alona Vibe Photography
Alona Vibe Photography
Alona Vibe Photography New york guide
Blue bottle

Blue bottle



I drink a cup or two a day and I do so with great pleasure. So does my baby K. So of course we were on a daily coffee hunt. Here's three favorites we stumbled upon.

Blue Bottle 
Blue bottle has several shops around the city, with clean interior and product design and cool barista geeks. The brand is said to be somewhat of a cult-favorite and there is no doubt that they served us the best cup of coffee on the whole trip. Make sure to bring home a package of coffee beans!

Toby's Estate (Williamsburg)

Buzzing busy cafe/coffee shop in prime Williamsburg with a great cup of coffee. Safe and delicious. Suggested by a sweet native and follower of mine! 


Voyager espresso (Manhattan)

Named after the Voyager spacecraft, this shop goes for the sci-fi vibe and serves La Cabra coffee.

Alona Vibe Photography Blue Bottle Coffee



Alona vibe photography nyc
Alona Vibe Photography 7 days in Nyc guide



New York City , October 2017. 

New work for: COFOCO x Spuntino


Alona Vibe Photography restaurant Cofoco

new client

I recently added Cofoco to my client portfolio. As a great fan of Cofoco I'm obviously very happy to have started this work relation. 

Cofoco has 10 restaurants in Copenhagen with different cuisines. Everything from Italian to Japanese. In other words there is something for each taste.

The vision is to provide a big food experience for an affordable price, which has resulted in great menus and a lot of beautifully designed restaurants which at the same time feel both fancy and welcoming. 

These photos are from a relaxed afternoon session shooting the new menu at Spuntino





"Spuntino is like gathering the family or a bunch of good friends around a table in an Italian backyard on a summer evening. Under the many green leaves and atmospheric light bulbs you get lots of classic italian food. Mostly served family style."

Alona Vibe Photography restaurant Cofoco
Alona Vibe Photography restaurant Cofoco
Alona Vibe Photography restaurant Cofoco
Alona Vibe Photography restaurant Cofoco

Alona Vibe Photography Cofoco Spuntino
Alona Vibe Photography restaurant Cofoco Spuntino
Alona Vibe Photography restaurant Cofoco spuntino
First work for ADIDAS - #creators



Måske husker nogle at jeg med stor glæde var featured i en kampagne for i adidas NMD_Copenhagen sidste år. 

Da jeg lavede indlægget 2016 in review and 2017 wishes (som iøvrigt var en super fed proces) husker jeg tydeligt det store ønske om at lave mit første fotojob for adidas.

Af en eller anden grund fik jeg aldrig skrevet ønsket ned i posten. Jeg tror jeg blev ramt af en irrationel frygt for hvad andre måtte tænke (dumt, men ikke desto mindre sandt). Måske noget a la "wow, hun har lige lovligt høje tanke om sig selv og sin kunnen".  Bare dumt, jeg ved det godt. 

Hvorfor det måske føles ekstra stort at jeg for et par uger siden lavede mit første job for adidas! 




Some might remember that in the beginning of 2016 my face was featured in the launch campaign for adidas NMD_Copenhagen. It was a big thing for me.

When I wrote the post 2016 in review and 2017 wishes I remember I wanted to put down in words that I hoped that 2017 would be the year where I pulled off my first photo gig for adidas.

For some reason I didn't dare to manifest this wish in the post. I'm not sure why but I guess I was struck by a fear for what people would think.. something like:  "wow, she has big thoughts about herself".

Why it feels really big that I did my first job for adidas a couple of weeks ago!  





Opgaven bestod af portrætter og actions shots af en gruppe af dejlige damer, som træner sammen hver mandag. For at være fuldkommen ærlig er det tæt på definitionen på den ideelle førstegangsopgave. Det er ingen hemmelighed at jeg er den største sucker for portraits (og så endda af seje og fotogene kvinder).  



The shoot consisted of portraits and actions shots of a group of lovely ladies who are working out together every monday. To be perfectly honest it was the definition of the ideal first time assignment for me. Such a sucker for portraits of cool women.  

Alona Vibe Photography Adidas creators Adidas women ANYA
alona vibe photography adidas women Tamara


Hvorfor skriver jeg ikke blot  "new work for adidas" og lader billederne tale for sig selv. Det ville være fuldkommen tilstrækkeligt.

Der er mange årsager, men en af dem er at åbne op på ærlig vis om de forskellige følelser, så som nervøsitet og usikkerhed, der er forbundet med at arbejde med noget, som har stor betydning for en. Her på den anden side hvor jeg har opnået mit mål og med stolthed, kan det gøre mig helt skamfuld, at min usikkerhed gjorde, at jeg ikke turde sige mit ønske højt. Mest af alt fordi jeg siden har lært at der findes en enorm kraft i at turde manifestere sine ønsker og gøre sig fri af irrationel bekymring om andre menneskers dårlige tanker om en. Jeg mener at vi alle bør tænke stort og tro på vores eget potentiale og muligheder for at opnå vores mål. Ligegyldig hvilke mål i livet det måtte være. Og jeg tror ligeså på at folk som udgangspunkt vil hinanden det bedste - så den irrationelle frygt må ikke blive en hindring for at vi går efter vores drømme. 



Why don't I just write  "new work for adidas" and let the pictures speak for themselves. It would have been perfectly sufficient. There are many reasons, but one of them is the aim to of being open and honest about the various emotions, such as nervousness and insecurity, connected to working with something that is of major importance to one. Now where I reached my goal and with pride, it makes me feel ashamed that my insecurity caught up with me and I didn't dare to say my wish out loud. Mostly, because I have since learned that there is an enormous power in daring to manifest wishes and goals. Which also means freeing one from having irrational concerns about other people's thoughts. I firmly believe that we all should think big and believe in our own potential and opportunities to achieve our goals. No matter what goals in life it may be. There is no shame in that and this practise is loaded with agency. Also I choose to believe that people want each other the best and thinking otherwise shouldn't be an obstacle for our dreams