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Inspired by the ocean

In collaboration with AKVA Jewellery

Alona vibe photographer akva jewellery

Growing up on the country side not too far from ocean and with a pair of parents who’ve made their children spent countless hours by the sea, I’ve developed a great appreciation of, if not addiction to, being near the ocean. I’ve always felt happier and more in balance after a day near the water. Thus, at this point in time where plastic pollution and climate change is so very present, I feel scared and emotional just thinking about our oceans and how we are treating them directly and indirectly through our consumption.

My parents always made sure that we left the beach in a better shape than how we found it - always collecting our own and other’s trash. Having never known of anything else but a responsible behavior towards nature, the importance of caring for not just the ocean, but all nature, was definitely imprinted in my early childhood and I’m so very thankful for this vital lesson.

Alona Vibe photographer AKVA jewellery
alona vibe photographer akva jewellery

Now, living on my 8th year in Copenhagen seeing more concrete than water and on my 28th year in life, I’ve noticed that reflections on future living - particularly how and where it should unfold - are more and more present. While there are many doubts and things to settle upon one was certain from the very beginning; life cannot unfold too far from the ocean. A clean ocean.

Alona Vibe photographer AKVA jewellery
Alona Vibe photographer AKVA jewellery
Alona Vibe photographer AKVA jewellery

Therefore, it felt like a very authentic match when AKVA Jewellery approached about a potential collaboration. I instantly fell in love with the elegant and organic design of their pieces that takes its main inspiration from the ocean and oceanic life. Through their pieces, AKVA seeks to increase awareness about the beauty and the importance of the ocean to the world’s eco-system and to spread the message that we have to take better care of it.

alona vibe photographer akva jewellery

A extremely beautiful design and an equally important message, that I stand by with every inch of me and I want to help spreading through my platform(s).


alona vibe akva jewellery

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Staycation at Kurhotel Skodsborg

In collaboration with Kurhotel Skodsborg


den gode gave

Sidste weekend i November var dedikeret til at fejre min Kenneth. Han er ikke typen der går så meget op i fødselsdag modsat jeg selv. Og i min bog så er fødselsdage vidunderlige og det er hammer vigtigt at fejre eksistensen af ens elskede.

Når det så er sagt så kan det hurtigt blive svært at finde den gode gave eller arrangere noget når man ingen ledetråde får. Kenneth er typen der aldrig ønsker sig noget. En problematik som jeg tror de fleste kan genkende her omkring juletid med familiemedlemmer der aldrig har nogle konkrete ønsker. Sødt, men også mega besværligt. Min strategi ved Kenneths fødselsdag er derfor at tænke i små pakker, der kan pakkes op ved det morgenbordet, og ellers fokusere på mere specielle oplevelser vi ikke når i hverdagen eller økonomien ikke rækker til i tide og utide. I år bestod det af godt selskab, ekstra lækker mad og spa-ophold.

På dagen bildte jeg ham ind at vi skulle på kurophold på Skodsborg. Vi pakkede bilen og han glædede sig til afslapning. Men et par minutter inden forventet afgang lavede en gruppe af hans nære venner en surprise entré. Forvirringen var stor og glæden lige så da det gik op for ham at han var indlagt til at bruge aftenen i venners lag og i stedet skulle mod Skodsborg dagen derpå. Fuldkommen perfekt at have 110% afslapning på programmet en træt søndag efter festivitas.


the good gift

The last weekend of November was dedicated to celebrating my Kenneth. He is not the type that gets exited about his birthday as opposed to myself. In my book, birthdays are wonderful and it is super important to celebrate the existence of loved ones.

That being said, it can easily be difficult to find the good gift or arrange something when you get no clues or pointers in terms of wishes. Kenneth is the kind of person who never has a specific wish. A problem that I think most people can recognize especially during these christmas days with family members with no whishes. I think it's sweet, but also makes it a bit more complicated. My strategy at Kenneth's birthday is therefore to think in small packages that can be opened at the morning breakfast table, and otherwise focus on special experiences. This year it included good company, extra delicious food and a spa stay.

I told him were going to the Spa Hotel Skodsborg. We packed our bags and he was looking forward to a night of relaxation. But a few minutes before the expected departure, a group of his closest friends made a surprise entrance at our flat. The confusion and the joy was big when it darned on him that he was going to spend the evening in the company of friends' and instead to go to Skodsborg the following day. Which showed to be absolute perfect to have planned for110% relaxation on a slow Sunday after festivitas.





lys, vand og saunagus

Skodsborgs smukke faciliteter og badetraditioner tager sit udgangspunkt i 'det sunde liv', med fokus på elementerne lys, luft, vand, kost, motion og hvile. Et fokus jeg personligt synes gennemsyrer den fysiske ramme, men også stemningen blandt ansatte og gæster. Og jeg fyldes af en langsomhed og velvære i sådan en grad, at jeg faktisk vil sige, at dette sted er mit absolutte favorit spa i Danmark.

Vi var så heldige at opleve den specielle finske saunagus, som inkluderer en æterisk tjæreolie, samt 'piskning' med birkeris. Det lyder umiddelbart ikke så rart, men i virkeligheden var det en autentisk, rensende og super fed oplevelse. Jeg har lidt et had/kærlighedsforhold til saunagus, fordi det på en og samme tid er hårdt og vidunderligt, men jeg vidste hvad vi gik ind til. Kenneth var på ingen måde tiltrukket af tanken forinden, men efter at have vekselvirket mellem at være inde i den 80-100 grader varme sauna, chokolade scrub og et dyb i det iskolde havvand fra den private badebro, så var selv Kenneth fan af saunagus og helt høj på endorfiner. 

Light, water and sauna gus

Skodsborg's beautiful spa facilities and traditions are based on 'the healthy life', focusing on the elements of light, air, water, healthy diet, exercising and resting. A focus I personally think pervades the physical setting, but also the ambiance of employees and guests. And I am filled with a well-being to such an extent that I will actually say that this is my favorite spa in Denmark. We were lucky to experience the special Finnish sauna gus, which includes an essential tar oil, and 'whipping' with a bundle of birch branches with leaves. By the sound of it this doesn't sound like anything you would ever want to try. But in reality it was an authentic, cleansing and therapeutic experience. I've always had a hate/love relationship with sauna gus because it's exhausting and wonderful at the same time. Kenneth was not at all drawn to the idea, but after having been in the 80-100 degree hot sauna, chocolate scrub and jumped into the ice-cold sea just next to Skodsborg, even Kenneth's loved it and was completely high on endorphins.



Vi havde fornøjelsen af at overnatte i en luksuriøs spa suite der bød på den blødeste king size bed og et kæmpe badeværelse med fritstående badekar.

Lige siden mit første besøg på kurhotellet for et par år tilbage har jeg drømt om at vende tilbage og inkludere en overnatning. Det føltes som den perfekte fødselsdagsfejring ikke at skulle ud i kulden og køre tilbage til byens larm, men i stedet kunne trisse gennem hotellets gange i badekåbe og synke ned i den store seng efter timevis i spaen. Vi lå der for en kort stund inden vores dinner reservation i The Brasserie, da blev vi enige om at dette måtte være noget nær det ultimative og at livet var en taknemmelig størrelse. 

Staying the night

We had the pleasure of staying in a luxurious spa suite that offered the softest king size bed and a huge bathroom with free standing bathtub.

Ever since my first visit to Skodsborg a few years back I have dreamt of an overnight stay. It felt like the perfect birthday celebration not having to get out in the cold and drive back to the city noise, but instead tiptoe through the hotel's hallways in bathrobes and sink into the bed after several hours in the spa. We layed there for a short while before our dinner reservation at The Brasserie and agreed that our life was something to be very grateful of.

Alona Vibe Photography Skodsborg Kurhotel Spa retreat
Alona Vibe Photography Skodsborg Kurhotel Spa retreat breakfast in bed

Morgenmad på sengen

Om morgenen havde vi mest af alt lyst til at blive i tosomheden og den store seng så vi bestilte morgenmad til vores værelse, hvilket jeg vil anbefale alle der bliver natten over. Croissants, kanelrolls, palæobrød, avokado, æg, kaffe og juice i rigelig mængder. Det var så fint og indbydende, at vi blev nødt til at lave lidt billeder af det, inden vi smagte på sagerne (se BTS i K's vlog). Jeg elsker morgenmad på sengen og tror simpelthen at det er noget af det hyggeligste jeg ved, hvilket minder mig om at det ville være en god julegave idé ønske mig en bakke til formålet.


Breakfast in bed

In the morning we wanted to enjoying be just the two of us so we ordered breakfast to our room, which I would recommend everyone to do. Croissants, cinnamon rolls, avocado, eggs, coffee and juice. It was just so nice that we couldn't resist taking some pictures of it before we tasted the goods (see BTS in K's vlog). I love breakfast in bed and it really does say downtime more than anything else which reminds me that a tray for that occasion might be a perfect Christmas wish.



Alona Vibe Photography

En autentisk oplevelse

De ansatte havde opsnappet at vi fejrede Kenneths fødselsdag og overraskede os ved at servere den mest overdådige og chokoladerige konditorkage med tre forskellige lag af mousse. Vi fandt senere ud af at de har eget konditori og sælger både skårne stykker og hele kager i The Lobby. Det var umuligt at klemme mere ned end et enkelt stykke og kagen kom derfor med os hjem til Nørrebro i den fineste konditoræske.

I denne forbindelse må jeg give stor cadeau til teamet hos Skodsborg, som gjorde en dyd ud af at lave et autentisk samarbejde med høj opmærksomhed og nærværende service, der havde vores private situation in mente. Som skrevet tidligere, var vi inviteret af Skodsborg-teamet. Derudover skød jeg billeder til det engelske printmagasin Condé Naste Traveller som udgives i foråret 2018.

Det er vigtigt at sige at denne post, samt Kenneths vlog fra vores ophold er lavet på eget initiativ uden aftale herom. Fordi vi ikke kunne lade vær og fordi vi elskede oplevelsen og oprigtigt vil anbefale enhver et sådan ophold. Hvis du elsker spa, har brug for et pusterum eller står og mangler en god idé til at luksuriøs oplevelsesgave, som jeg selv. Et lille tip er at overnatte fra søndag til mandag hvor der er en anden ro end eks. fredag-lørdag.


An authentic experience

The staff had found out that we celebrated Kenneth's birthday and surprised us by serving the most lavish and chocolate cake with three different layers of mousse. We later found out that they have their own confetionery and sells both slices and whole cakes in The Lobby. It was impossible to squeeze down more than a single piece why the cake came with us home to Nørrebro in a cute pastry box.

In this regard, I have applause the team at Skodsborg, who made it such an authentic collaboration with much attention and concious service suited our personal situation. As previously stated, we were invited by the Skodsborg team. In addition, I shot pictures for the English magazine Condé Naste Traveler, which will be published in Spring 2018.

To situation this recommendation this post, as well as Kenneth's vlog from our stay was made on our own initiative. Because we could keep ourselves from doing it and because we loved the experience and sincerely would recommend such a stay to anyone. If you love getting spa treatments, need a space to breath in slowlu or is in need of an idea for a luxury experience to give as a present, like my case.



Happy birthday my love

Happy birthday my love

Se Kenneths uhøjtidelige vlog hvis I har lyst til at se lidt bagom og se os te os i badekåber.