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Restaurant Alouette
Restaurant Alouette Alona Vibe

Restaurant Alouette

Hermed et par fotos af Restaurant Alouette, som fungerede som location for et shoot for Rabens Saloner tilbage i November. Rammerne, energien og menneskerne bag denne lille perle, som ligger hengemt på Islands Brygge, tog virkelig fusen på mig. Jeg må sige, der er altså langt i mellem så skønne mennesker som ejerne Camilla og Nick. Istedet for at investere i et hus, investerede de alt i at bygge Alouette — som mest af alt føles som et varmt hjem hvor du har lyst til at blive hængende på ubestemt tid. Restauranten gemmer desuden andre små fine finurligheder, som jeg dog vil lade forblive hemmelige, for ikke at forpure den fulde oplevelsen. Derudover, skulle maden eftersigende være meget anbefalelsesværdig, så Alouette står altså højest på min ønskeliste over dining oplevelser i 2019.

Just checking in to share a bit of photos from Restaurant Alouette which served as location for a shoot for Rabens Saloner back in November. The space, energy and the people behind this little gem located at Islands Brygge complete sweeped me off my feet. There goes a long way between meeting such people as the owners Camilla and Nick, whom with such passion has created a restraurant that feels like your best friends home. You simply don’t want to leave. I’ve heard the food is impeccable too, so there’s no doubt that Alouette is on top of my dining wish list for 2019.

Alouette Alona Vibe
Restaurant Alouette Alona Vibe

>> Alouette has an everchanging 5-course menu, built around a contemporary cuisine with an immense respect for nature and seasonality. Each day we transform with highest quality ingredients into the day’s set menu.<<


All photos by Alona Vibe

Three items from Georg Jensen perfect for gifting

For the last minute Christmas gift shopping I wanted to share three personal favorites from the new Shades collection from Georg Jensen as it offers both luxurious and affordable everyday items perfect for gifting. I’ve had the opportunity to fall a little in love with the collection over the past couple of months and found my top three that I’ve both suggested friends and now also sharing with you.

The collection is received as a PR gift, however this post is not endorsed or sponsored by Georg Jensen.


I. Book mark

First favorite is the sculptural bookmark which is currently used to keep track of my night time reading. Its a fun and practical little item to add to gifting a book for Christmas. Besides being visually nice, I love that it won’t demolish like paper book marks.

Georg Jensen Shades collection
Georg Jensen Shades

II. Key chain

I’m really into the elegant shape of this key chain and it has become the perfect substitute for my old that desperately needed retirement. My mother used to have the Ellipse key chain, but lost it after many years of use. Planning on replacing it with a copy of this one and hope she will be just as happy.


III. The bag hanger

The bag hanger is my absolute favorite from the whole collection and I cannot count how many times people have been equally amazed by it’s functionality as I’ve pulled it up on a coffee date. Honestly, I would never have thought that a bag hanger would make so much sense to me. I’ve never been interested in handbags and always preferred tactical bags that are attachable to the body - like fanny packs. However, as I’ve grown older, having a real handbag somehow became relevant for me for practical and professional reasons. So this year I invested in my first. I personally prefer using my more delicate purchases rather than preserving them – however I still want to make sure they last long. This is where the hanger has changed my bag game; it saves the bag from dirty floors and helps me to keep it from taking up surface area in public places. It’s the type of item I have come to value on an almost daily basis and never would have thought I needed before I had it – qualities that, in my opinion, make a perfect gift!

Georg Jensen Shades
Btw the hanger leaves no marks on the surface area.

Btw the hanger leaves no marks on the surface area.


The visuals of this post grew out of an immediate instinct to capture the brass material as the very scarce december sun strokes hit it through my bedroom window. Got a lot of questions on my IG story of how they were created: it’s not studio lighting - just the sun and its magic.

Notem Studio


This morning I was invited to breakfast and launch of the new stationary / paper goodsbrand, NOTEM Studio, at a habour front in Nordhavn. It happens rarely that I end up sharing photos from an event in this journal, but today is an exception.

NOTEM Studio creates beautiful and functional products rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition. It's products that make you want to drop whatever smart digital tool you are using and enjoy the slower pace and the tactile sensation of using paper.

The reason why I write this is because of the founder Signe Birkvig. I have met Signe once before, but never with a real handshake. I said yes to the invitation because she is good at her craft. What motivated me to write was her welcoming speech to the attendees. As she spoke to us next to the water, with her products displayed around the venue, her voice was real and quivering. She was moved by the launch and excused herself.


Alona Vibe  Notem Stationary
Alona Vibe photography  Notem Stationary
Alona Vibe  Notem Stationary


The excuse reminded me of dreams. How they are often the beginning of something. How they can completely take over ones life when we dare to act upon them. How fear of failing in the process can be very present. And how the sensation of realizing a dream is greater than the most. Moving.

How we all have dreams. Some are still hesitant and contemplating. Some have reached a turning point and sprung into the crazy ride. Family, friend, aquaintance or stranger. Little is as great as celebrating dreams coming true. This morning was such a day. Congratulations on making NOTEM studio a reality.


Alona Vibe  Notem Stationary
Alona Vibe  Notem Stationary

Signe Birkvig, founder of NOTEM studio.

Alona Vibe photography Notem Stationary