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36 Åboulevard
København, 2200

Alona Vibe. Creative and academic soul. Citizen of the World. Based in Copenhagen. 
Photographer + consultant + writer. 

Alona Vibe is all about peach and light. 


This is a personal word + photo journal and a creative outlet for Alona Vibe's passion for photography, culture, movement, storytelling, human kind and our earth. Alona Vibe's intention is to ambitiously uncover stories and point of views, and establish a source of inspiration  for others to keep pushing to pursue their goals. 

Portrait: Rasmus Koch

Alona Vibe Vestergaard Andersen

Last weekends birthday celebration resulted in portrait session with my youngest cousin Rasmus, created form the thought of  'lets see what we can get with 5 minutes'. This is what we got.

Gear. Canon 5D mk iii and a Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L. 

I prefer shooting portraits with a 50mm or a 85mm lens, but only had the 35mm at hand. My wish was to create some clean, simple portraits and a edit focusing on darker tones to create dept and intensity. 

Model. Rasmus Koch photo Alona Vibe
Rasmus Koch - Alona Vibe
model rasmus koch photo alona vibe
Rasmus Koch Alona Vibe

Maybe it's because he is family, but I think he is gorgeous and I'm sure it's not the last time I'll be creating photos with him! Thanks for letting me capture you cuz!