Am I a photographer? + Kia Hartelius

So, something quite amazing happened a month ago or so. 
Before I tell, I'll dig into two questions that I get every once in a while

- "How did you get into photography?" 
- "Are you a photographer?" .

How did you get into photography? could be followed up by a long answer, but for this post I'll limit myself to three aspects of it: My grandmother and mother have always been interested in photography but never went for it and they've somehow passed along the interest. I've always been taking a lot of vacation photos. But the real transition from it being a hobby towards becoming something serious, started in the realm of my entrance on Instagram, and eventually meeting a few key persons that has inspired, helped and pushed me to get serious about it. This leads me to the answer of the second question.


.. in the realm of of my entrance on Instagram.

Are you a photographer? is what I'll focus on in this post. In relation to photography I've never attended an art school to learn how to photograph. Instead my photography schoolin' has been through masterclasses and 1-on-1 time with amazing photographers, where they have told me what they thought was important for me to understand in terms of photography. They have shared everything from settings on the camera in specific situations, work flow in editing programs or how to approach a subject you want to photograph. For me it has been the best way to evolve, because I was given tools and advices when I needed help, but I have had 100p space to feel free with it as well. I've gotten the chance to put myself into the artwork; my feelings, my take and my intuition, and not just focus on getting all the technical stuff right to get a technical good photo. I think this has been defining my way of approaching photography.

So getting back to actually answering the question, yes I am a photographer.
It isn't a protected title which means that you're free to call yourself a photographer without a having undertaken a degree. But It's not until recently that I started replying with confidence "yes I am photographer" when people asked me. It's been a steady process. A process for me which is still full of respect for the persons I've learned from and with a recognition that i'm not half as good as them - I still have reflections like how can I call myself what they are? But with paychecks coming in because of photojobs I do and people paying their respect to my work, I reached the point where it feels alright to say without having to taste every word when replying "yes I am". I'm still perfectly aware that there are still many years of learning in front of me and I can't wait. 


.. my photography schoolin' has been through masterclasses
and 1-on-1 time


.. Full of respect for the persons I've learned from

So that amazing thing that happened. Knowing where I can improve I started researching on how I could possibly expand the collection of photographers I've been learning from. This time I knew I wanted to add a fellow woman. And faster than a motherfucker I found out it had to be Kia Hartelius due to her professionalism, and the crooked and quirky feeling to her photography. Luckily she thought it was a good idea that we joined forces and that means I'm now her assistant on various photogigs. It has already been too cool. This is the latest step in my process of wearing the title tag "photographer" with confidence.

Last week we went to Aarhus for a couple of days to shoot a campaign. Since the content is exclusive I just putted together some behind the scenes iPhone flicks from the days over there. Besides sharing my happiness, I also just wanted to write for the 60th times that things you wish for will happen if you approach them with kindness, passion, boldness and good intentions. Don't be afraid of saying you want to learn, it's not the same as devaluating yourself or your skills, it's straight up imposing. So seriously go dream big and trace down the path towards those dreams - you'll get there or end up an even better place. Yes lawd!