Denim Days

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Not too long ago I teamed up with Frede from Fredesblog to shoot 4 looks for a guide to jeans for Zalando.
If you want to know what she is wearing or know the easy peasy way to find those perfect ones you can find Fredes guide for the first two looks right here.

Frede called me out for this job and it came with perfect timing as I've been wanting to collaborate more with other creatives over than just shooting things - like products, fashion etc.

Not to exclude that of the latter, but there is something about connecting and working with an other creative human and personality that is max up-lifting and brings ideas to the table that one can not get or create as good alone. A way of working with photography that I will do more of in the future, alongside with my own projects.

Alona vibe x Fredes blog x Zalando
Alona vibe Fredesblog Zalando
Alona vibe Fredesblog Zalando

Frede has this unpretencious approach to blogging that I admire. She's grounded, sweet and a hardworking lady. Sorrounding yourself with qualities like that in your work-life sparks good things.




Alona vibe Fredesblog Zalando