Notem Studio



This morning I was invited to breakfast and launch of the new stationary / paper goodsbrand, NOTEM Studio, at a habour front in Nordhavn. It happens rarely that I end up sharing photos from an event in this journal, but today is an exception.

NOTEM Studio creates beautiful and functional products rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition. It's products that make you want to drop whatever smart digital tool you are using and enjoy the slower pace and the tactile sensation of using paper.

The reason why I write this is because of the founder Signe Birkvig. I have met Signe once before, but never with a real handshake. I said yes to the invitation because she is good at her craft. What motivated me to write was her welcoming speech to the attendees. As she spoke to us next to the water, with her products displayed around the venue, her voice was real and quivering. She was moved by the launch and excused herself.


Alona Vibe  Notem Stationary
Alona Vibe photography  Notem Stationary
Alona Vibe  Notem Stationary


The excuse reminded me of dreams. How they are often the beginning of something. How they can completely take over ones life when we dare to act upon them. How fear of failing in the process can be very present. And how the sensation of realizing a dream is greater than the most. Moving.

How we all have dreams. Some are still hesitant and contemplating. Some have reached a turning point and sprung into the crazy ride. Family, friend, aquaintance or stranger. Little is as great as celebrating dreams coming true. This morning was such a day. Congratulations on making NOTEM studio a reality.


Alona Vibe  Notem Stationary
Alona Vibe  Notem Stationary

Signe Birkvig, founder of NOTEM studio.

Alona Vibe photography Notem Stationary