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My skin care routine


I must admit, I've always been super lazy and not really an expert when it comes to beauty stuff.
I've never worn a lot of makeup, barely got a proper haircut, never taken supplements regularly etc. I had a period in my teenage years where my skin would break out every now and then, but overall I've been very privileged and never had issues. This means my skin care routine has been limited to random eye makeup remover, facial moisturizer and lip balm. And the products keept getting too old before I've finished them.

Lately I've experienced a change in my skin having more blemishes and breakouts than before. I think it is primarily caused by emotional stress, hormone change and probably slaggy eating habits these past months. Anyway I hoped my skin would go back to normal when life got a bit calmer, but it's still not there yet (7-8 months in). So I figured that it's about time to give the beauty related stuff a bit more attention and find out what my skin need in order to feel the best. 

Therefore I've lately consulted a cosmetologist, changed up my skin care and make-up routine and such, but still wanting to keep especially the skin care simple and with 'clean' products. I've digged deep into blogs written by beauty specialists and I found alot of valuable knowledge. Since I'm a photographer, I felt inspired to shoot my way through this journey as well and therefore I've created a category named 'beauty' where I will share stuff related to this subject!


skin care routine and favorites


In December I booked my first appointment with cosmetologist Jeanine to have her analyze my irritated skin. I'll get into the professional treatments and why I chose Jeanine in a later post. 

Fundamentally I've always believed in natural beauty products and treatments and in general seeing beauty as an inside-out process. Our skin is the biggest organ and what we apply to it penetrates our blood, and if the products are full of chemical shit, you know what you are full of too. But I have also experienced a direction loss and all those ingredients on the labels - it's a jungle where you easily get lost. 



Jeanine advised me to use products from Maria Åkerberg - an organic and natural Swedish skincare line. Right now I use a foam wash, serum, and an eye- and day cream, and a couple of different balms. So far I'm loving the simplicity of the design, the list of ingredients and the effects. 

Alona Vibe Beauty routine Maria aakerberg

Step 1. 
PRODUCTS: Foaming Wash Clearing4D Motion Facial Brush (#AD #gift - not paid to review) 
HOW: I apply the foaming wash to the brush and use it all over my face in circle movements. The foam is gentle but effective and has a fresh smell of citrus. Apparently the facial cleanser brush is HOT in korean beauty due to the 4D technology = 4 directions (right & left rotation + up & down vibration). After researching and using it for some months now I completely understand the hype. My favorite features of it are the 4D tech, the insanely soft fibers (much softer than the brush from Clinique) and the fact that it's waterproof and can be used while showering. 

Step 2. 
PRODUCTS: AHA & Jojoba Peeling + Serum Clearing 
HOW: I use the mechanical and chemical peeling twice a week. It has a nice thick texture and peppermint scent. This peeling leaves my skin really smooth and even hydrated. After the foam wash or the occasionally peeling I apply the serum in my t-zone. It is quite thin and a bit hard to control when applying, but is quickly absorbed. The effect is rather subtle, probably due to the fact that I only use it a couple times a week wheares suggested use is twice a day.

Step 3.
PRODUCTS:  Eye Cream Face Dream
HOW: I apply the eye cream everyday around my eyes by gently tapping it into my skin. Its texture is light and suitable for the thin skin in this area. From Jeanine I've learned the importance of eye cream and researching for this post I found out that this eye cream has actually won an award in 2017 for best product. Win!
When the eye cream is absorbed I apply a good amount of the face cream to my face and neck. My skin in my face is dry and sensitive and always in need of hydration. It's insane. This cream is thick and feels "natural" and gentle. I often feel that thick creams stay on top of my skin and sometimes clock the pores. Which might be what I love the most about this cream: despite it being very rich it absorbs really well. My skin is literally drinking it up and it is hydrating and not just "coating" my skin. 

Alona Vibe Beauty routine Maria aakerberg



The rest of my favorite beauty products atm. 

The rest of my favorite beauty products atm. 


Korean Blueberry Mud Face Mask - when I feel like boosting the radiance and glow of my skin. Find it here. 

Mario Badescu Healing & Soothing Mask - when my skin is irritated or breaking out a bit. 

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and Rosewater - when I feel in need of a refresh during the day and to set my make-up. A favorite!

TONYMOLY Panda eye Patch - I haven't tried these ones yet, but I love korean/asian beauty things and is binge buy things these days haha. Find it here.


Make up

Smashbox 'Warm Neutrals' eyeshadow palette - the palette Mie used on me for this shoot and I'm absolutely in love with the earthy tones. 

MAC mineralize concealer - this concealer is still quite new, but so far I like it. I only use it under my eyes to cover up signs of lack of sleep. 

Diorshow Iconic mascara - A long time favorite. I've been using this for 6 years at least. It gives long, separated and natural lashes. Just how I like it.

Tromborg blush - a creamy powder blush when I want my cheeks to get a bit of life. I've been using it for the past 4 years.

Benefit ka-brow - it's like a pomade cream applied with a small brush - I use this when I want my brows to be a bit more defined/sculpted. 

Kelley Baker tinted brow gel - this tinted gel is amazing. It's really easy to use and looks really natural but gives a bit of definition. My to-go for my brows and for a nutural look. 

Alona Vibe Beauty favorites Mario badescu maria aakerberg smashbox
make up by Mie Heinel Fredriksen using many of my favorite products.

make up by Mie Heinel Fredriksen using many of my favorite products.



Creative vibes

It's been a while since the last check in here - I've been focusing on finishing my 2nd semester at my master degree. Last wednesday I finally handed in the last exam. Aaah. This means it's time to dig into pictures and material I've collected and produced during this past month or so. I've got a few things up the sleeve that I haven't even looked at yet!

Alona Vibe Photography Nanna Fjord Jewelry


Two weeks ago I visited one of my main girls. Mie. Amazing, loving Mie.
Last year she moved 300km away from Copenhagen and naturally the possibilities of seeing each other have decreased drastically. We decided to reunite and spent some heartwarm days at her family's summer house at a small danish island, Fanø. Something I will get further into in a later post. This is relevant because, during these 4 days a lot of creativity was released, both by baking cakes but also in terms of creating pictures and Mie is a big part of this fact!


These pictures.

Mie is a make up artist (educated at Sine Ginsborg Make Up School) and a genious.
We decided to join forces for a shoot for Nanna Fjord Jewlery - and these are some of the pictures!


Alona Vibe Nanna Fjord Jewlery
Alona Vibe Photography Nanna Fjord Jewelry
Alona Vibe Photography Nanna Fjord Jewelry
Alona Vibe Photography Nanna Fjord Jewelry
Alona Vibe Photography Nanna Fjord Jewelry
Alona Vibe Photography Nanna Fjord Jewelry

MUA & STYLING | Mie Heinel Frederiksen

All jewelry is from Nanna Fjord Jewelry
Shirt from Norse Projects

Italy 2016 1:2 : travelling essentials

Why Italy.

The summer in Denmark has basically been non existing this past 1,5 month so a dear friend of mine and I agreed that we needed to feel the sun for a week and unwind a bit underneath a palm tree or two. After a bit of research we chose Italy and the Amalfi coast as the destination.

Italy has been a very dear country to me ever since my first visit back in 2000 when I was just 9 or 10 years old. It was the first country I experienced besides Scandinavia. I went with my parents and my little brother, Lukas, and I remember we explored the museums, the streets, the FOOD and the people of Venice, Florence and Tuscany. The experience is dominated by memories of a very special kind of heat and smell. Smell of very ripe tomatoes and pizzes from stone-ovens. After we returned back home to Denmark, my parents cooked italian food non-stop for like half a year or something. It was kind of magical. 


Back to year 2016.

What I usually do when packing is mainly thinking of the kind of activities the trip will consist of. This travel had three key activities: unwinding in the sun, eating loads of tasty gluten dishes and taking some summer-ish pictures. So roughly put  all I needed was bikinis, stretchy clothes leaving space for the growing belly bella and my photo gear. In all seriousness when it comes to packing, my needs are pretty simple and as often as possible I travel with cabin luggage. I like to have all things close to me and the best bonus is that it saves me from waiting for checked in luggage at the arrival time. 


The things.

When traveling with a cabin suitcase I always bring a smaller bag for instance a tote or a fanny pack carrying the things I need close at hand while flying. I don't remember if I ever travelled without my laptop since I got my first white MacBook back in 2006? It has become a true essential for me in order to empty my SD cards as they get loaded along the way. No need to explain why passport and wallet is always with me, but hand-cream, lip balm and gum are small life-savers for me. My skin literally cracks open immediately in the airplane if it doesn't get enough moisturizer. To make it even worse 'm secured a solid nosebleed on trips lasting more than 3 hours if I'm not making sure to put some oil up there in the drills . The air-con is a bit of a bitch to me. The gum I always carry to equalise the pressure in the ears but also to offer my side-passenger a piece if we have a tight bad breath situation. The four-leaved clover is a gift and has been with me ever since I got it.. I'm not very superstitious normally, but I ain't happy travelling around without this one. 


I never ever travel without comfortable shoes. Sneakers over heels always and I pick out my foot-wear before anything else. On this trip I went a bit overboard with three pairs of Adidas. The Ultra Boost white and clear grey, as well as the newly released Ultra Boost Uncaged (Gift: Thanks for providing me Adidas Denmark!) and the Adilette W sandal. 


The suitcase. 

I had a minor problem just before I had to leave, that left me with no cabin suitcase at hand. So what happend was that along came the lovely women at the danish PR agency Geelmuyden-Kiese and saved me by lending me the new Cosmopolite 3.0 2016 from Samsonite. These words aren't sponsored and even if they were, you guys must know by now that I'm pretty frank about my words and reviews of products. My opinion can't be bought, such a cliché thing to say, but it's super important for me to emphasize on in these SoMe marketing days. Anyway the suitcase is not just pretty, but also super light weighted, combined with a strong case leaving my things secure. One of my favorite features of it is how the wheels offer 360° flexibility when moving. You can both drag it on two wheels and push it on all four. It allowed me to carry it in different and comfortable ways, which is something I and my weak arms valued a lot through out the whole trip. My only concern I had about it was that the case ended up having a pair of scratches, even though I did my best to take good care of it. So if that is something that bugs you I would probably go for a soft-cased suitcase.