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Anya - Break Up Battle

A little over a month ago I was contacted by danish rnb and pop artist Anya regarding an upcoming music video production for her new single Break Up Battle. Yesterday it was finally launched and it has already gotten some kind words on its arrival from Soundvenue


In the making. The days up until the actual production were intense and required a lot of working hours of the crew. But the amount of work putted into it beforehand resulted in a shooting day that was absolutely lit! It was literally just mad skilled people working steady under pressure on a tight schedule with loads of good vibes through out the whole process. 

The vision. Anya herself developed the idea and concept of the video and for her it symbolizes:


 "the strength and willpower of a woman"


Women. In relation to this, what was truly inspiring to me was this intense feeling from having spent a full day in the company of so many different women. It being Anya, the stylists, MUAs, productions managers and the girls performing their act in the video, such as MMA, capoeira, gymnastics, bodybuilding and nunchako.

Wow. It god damn blew my mind how crazy talented every one of them were and I'm proud to have been part of this production and it's statement. Important it is to pay respect to the instructor Jonas Fogh and the camera man Paw Gissel, for being awesome and also encouraging all these women to find their inner warrior and for portraying them this beautifully. 

Seeing the actual result i find that the video is in sync with Anya's idea and vision behind it. To me it's a massive shedding of power and perfect to share on International Women's Day. 

Behind the scenes. In an upcoming post I'll be sharing a behind the scenes video that I did together with the cool producer Ditte Lysgaard, and some of my own stills. Also I'll write some words on how I ended up being a part of the production crew, as quite some have shown interest in knowing - and since it's not a secret or magic I will gladly share. So tune in if you're interested in getting a peep in to the production proces.

Anya in between filming.

Alona Vibe