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25th winter

Grown woman. 10 years ago I remember imagining what my life in my mid-twenties would be like. Around that time I met a young lady at the age of 21. She worked as a substitute teacher at my school and during a field-trip she told us that she was a mother of a little girl. Since you apparently have babies at this age and the fact that you talk about it without sounding weird about it, the idea of being a grown woman at the age of 21 automatically got stuck in my head. My feeling is that many of us as young had this idea of being grown up in our twenties.

Oh, the 21th. My 21th year passed 3 years ago.... That year I came back from 5 months of traveling the world, moved alone to Copenhagen, started uni-life, was labeled the social status: 'single', created an instagram account where I posted random selfies and pictures of good people. By the end of that year the best word to describe me was probably confused or uncomfortable. Just before I turned 22 I subconsciously began the selfish journey of getting to know myself and my values. But I was nowhere near of having the feeling of being that grown up I had imagined years earlier.



Big 25. The past 3 years has been defining my current ways. At the age of 25 my own mother had her first child, my dear big brotha. A since-forever-friend just told me she's pregnant and the happiness in me is bigger than big. Despite my case being different and the fact that I wear sneakers and sweatshirts, over heels and suits anytime in my daily life. I actually feel like I've reached a point in life where I have the feeling of being 'a grown up'. It feels good but also complicated and I understand my parents transient frowns on their faces. What makes them cool is that they know how to solve what causes the frowns which makes them grown-grown in my opinion. I'm not as quick of getting to that point when I'm concerned about something. I guess that skill comes as a natural result of evolution.

Looking upon it in this way this 25-number of mine symbolizes yet another year of personal growth and hopefully consciousness of what matters in life - then the process of aging actually brings me a lot of peace.

25 is already lit.

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