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Our first home
From my  pinterest : Katrine Rohrberg, Erik Lefvander, Line Klein, Kristofer Johnsson, Anders Bøggild, Banda Properties

From my pinterest: Katrine Rohrberg, Erik Lefvander, Line Klein, Kristofer Johnsson, Anders Bøggild, Banda Properties


Ever since I moved to Copenhagen 7 years ago, I’ve been living in the same rental apartment at inner Nørrebro. An approx. 120 m2, four bedroom apartment with old wooden floors, that I love very very much and was lucky enough to get a hold on quite randomly. The apartment has been housing myself and a handful of good roommates until this summer where my boyfriend and I got the opportunity to take over the whole apartment. My dream of having and creating a home of my own has increased little by little over the past couple of years. Instead of pinning clothing, I started pinning dream houses and furnitures on pinterest, and following more and more interior blogs and IG profiles without even realizing this pattern at first. However, I clearly remember how this dream went from being light and secondary to substantial and primary the day I finished my master studies. It was as if one huge chapter in life had closed, and bam there was room for a new grand one to begin.  

While I’m also dreaming of a home with a garden close to the ocean sometime in the future, the apartment is absolutely perfect for now and thus we’re standing in front of a really exiting journey of making this our own. After many years there’s no doubt that it needs work from loving and hardworking hands - e.g. both walls and wooden floors are pretty worn. Since doing the floors is more money- and time-consuming, we’ve prioritized to paint the whole apartment to start somewhere.

My mission for decorating and upgrading our apartment is not to create some prestigious looking place, but for it to feel like our home. Not just a space to be lived in, but a place reflection Kenneth and I as persons, and a place we and our friends and family will love to spent time.

This post will be the first of hopefully many posts about our home in Copenhagen – interior design, “handy” things and just general updates – and I’m so excited for this! They will all be filed under the category interior.

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