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Current favorites | #1 podcasts

In 2018 the podcast format has really grown on me. It’s the perfect way to keep myself intellectually stimulated and my brain in shape while my hands are occupied for instance when biking, driving the car, editing photos, or cooking dinner.

These are my current favorites


Creative Voyage

Launched only a few months ago Creative Voyage already offers twelve interesting episodes centered around creative professions. Mario Depicolzuane interviews an array of recognized professionals in design, architecture, fashion, graphic design, and more, and thus the podcast offers interesting perspectives for especially creative minds that are looking to improve or gather new food for thought. What I like the most about it is that it provides both high-level perspectives, as well as practical insights and ways to level up as a creative professional across different creative disciplines.

#creative industry

Imagine space 10


Imagine is a four-episode podcast created by the future-living lab SPACE10 whom I’ve always had a crush on. SPACE10 researches and designs innovative solutions to major societal changes expected to affect people in the future. Imagine takes listeners on a tour of the shared living landscape and features interviews with architects, anthropologists, designers and urban planners.

It aims to inspire people to rethink how to design our future homes, neighbourhoods and cities to improve our quality of life and tackle some of the pressing challenges we expect to face in our new urban reality.

#future living


How I built this

Guy Raz interviews founders of world famous companies about their journey to business success. It offers insights to the many ways major businesses have come to be. Some of my favorites are the episodes with founder(s) of Glossier, WeWork, Instagram, Patagonia.


how i built this emily weiss
joe+rogan+elon+musk podcast

the Joe Rogan experience #1169 with Elon Musk

I haven’t yet listened to other episodes of the Joe Rogan experience, however I wanted to include this specific episode featuring Elon Musk - the man behind Tesla and SpaceX. The episode is long: two nights in a row I walked around the lakes with this episode in my ears. The format and their conversation about all things technology, AI, and how Musk manages his time, while the two drink some whiskey and smoke a joint, left me with a feeling of intimacy and like I was sat there in the same room with them. Rogan is a talented interviewer and he picks Musk’s brain in a slow and intuitive format which creates an interesting and dynamic conversation between the two, rather than a classic and more rigid interview format.



Couples Therapy

Candice Pool and Casey Neistat invite us into a raw conversation about all that is relationship: they are bickering and joking about the struggles and happiness of relationships like only new yorkers can do.

With his smart take on the vlogging format, Casey opened my eyes to the world of YouTube as something more than home videos. Today he has more than 5m subs on his channel. Candice is a powerhouse of a woman, and much more than just ‘Casey’s wife’. The podcast is apparently the only time where they have a moment to sit down and talk - just the two of them.


juliet allen authentic sex

Authentic sex with Juliet Allen

Juliet Allen is leading sexologist in Australia. She talks about all-things sex, pleasure and relationships in an incredibly bold and straight-to-the-point manner. I believe that some might get provoked or disagree with perspectives shared - that might be the essence of why this podcast is both so wonderful and important. The podcast is meant for both women and men and all types of sexualities and gives both spiritual, educational and practical perspectives on modern sexuality.