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We went to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro

Working in Rio. 

A week before the Olympic Games Rio 2016 was about to start I got the opportunity to travel and work together with Kenneth Nguyen at a photo og video production assignment. The result should serve to transmit the experience of the Olympic Games in this dream destination. It was an absolute unique experience, and I must say that Rio as an olympic host has everything to be proud of. This I'll get into in an other post.


Not a beach post.

For this post I decided not to show the regular landscape pictures of the sugarloaf mountain, the christ or the beaches because really... it's easier to just google it. Instead I want to take you with me to Recreio. One of my dearest places in Rio, solely because of a special family I know there. I've already written about them on my old blog.  But let me get straight to the point.


One of the photo series that made me develop my heavy interest in doing reportages, visual storytelling and portraits is the visual story of my dear friend's littlesister that became a mom at the age of 16. I followed her pregnancy from week 28 till after she gave birth to Victor Zendy. It moved me that she allowed me to portray this very personal process of hers and it's this feeling I cherish the most when photographing. Trust, honesty and intimacy. 

Today Victor is almost two, the cutest thing I now, calls me tia (auntie), and loves Hulk. Check out the story here, and please be aware that the quality of the pictures are awfully compromised, which is one of the main motivators for me to start this site. 

I had one demand for this whole trip. It was to go see Radhe and Victor + the rest of the family. Here are some photos <3


In the age of two Zendy both gives out plenty of hugs and kisses..... and fist pumps like a real Brazilian.



This is Radhe's grandmother and mother of many children (forgot the exact number but around 6-7?). She is somewhere in her 70'ties and runs the local restaurant. Won't start to talk about how good her food is. Last year when I was back in Brazil together with my dear friend Paulo del Valle, we also visited Recreio. At that time she was in bed with a broken leg and looked tired and awful. How soothing it was to see her with full speed and even more beautiful and colorful than ever before. 


Lovesquad. It wasn't Kenneth's first time in Recreio either. He visited the family on his own back in 2013 on a work trip to Rio. 



To the far left we have my great friend and cousin of Radhe, Isla.



My heart can't get over her and him.


The saddest part is when we have to leave again and I never know when I will see them again. Until then Fabres

So amor e saudade.