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Inspired by the ocean

In collaboration with AKVA Jewellery

Alona vibe photographer akva jewellery

Growing up on the country side not too far from ocean and with a pair of parents who’ve made their children spent countless hours by the sea, I’ve developed a great appreciation of, if not addiction to, being near the ocean. I’ve always felt happier and more in balance after a day near the water. Thus, at this point in time where plastic pollution and climate change is so very present, I feel scared and emotional just thinking about our oceans and how we are treating them directly and indirectly through our consumption.

My parents always made sure that we left the beach in a better shape than how we found it - always collecting our own and other’s trash. Having never known of anything else but a responsible behavior towards nature, the importance of caring for not just the ocean, but all nature, was definitely imprinted in my early childhood and I’m so very thankful for this vital lesson.

Alona Vibe photographer AKVA jewellery
alona vibe photographer akva jewellery

Now, living on my 8th year in Copenhagen seeing more concrete than water and on my 28th year in life, I’ve noticed that reflections on future living - particularly how and where it should unfold - are more and more present. While there are many doubts and things to settle upon one was certain from the very beginning; life cannot unfold too far from the ocean. A clean ocean.

Alona Vibe photographer AKVA jewellery
Alona Vibe photographer AKVA jewellery
Alona Vibe photographer AKVA jewellery

Therefore, it felt like a very authentic match when AKVA Jewellery approached about a potential collaboration. I instantly fell in love with the elegant and organic design of their pieces that takes its main inspiration from the ocean and oceanic life. Through their pieces, AKVA seeks to increase awareness about the beauty and the importance of the ocean to the world’s eco-system and to spread the message that we have to take better care of it.

alona vibe photographer akva jewellery

A extremely beautiful design and an equally important message, that I stand by with every inch of me and I want to help spreading through my platform(s).


alona vibe akva jewellery

silver jewellery AKVA bathing suit VINTAGE white shirt NORSE PROJECTS

Building a professional wardrobe | boots

After having graduated, I am in serious need of revamping my wardrobe. It needs to be better suited for job interviews and across different work situations. For very long I’ve only purchased and worn sneakers and comfy clothe, rarely investing in an classical or timeless pieces. I will never stop loving functional and comfy clothing - but I need to be able to do both.

As part of the process and inspired by the recent Marie Kondo trend, I went through and organized my wardrobe. It is such a nice feeling to have gotten rid of all that was taking up physical and mental space, now only having left what ‘sparks joy’ #konmari and what I actually like to wear. Everything has been sorted and the discarded pieces will be donated to family members or local thrift shops.

To guide the process a bit and to avoid impulse-driven and unnecessary purchases, I have created a plan or list of the items based on type, shape, textile etc. I’m thinking of sharing the list in some type of creative format - including the principles and inspirations that it follows - to provide a different take than this slightly outdated guide and because I would love to read such things myself. In addition I will be sharing the items in photos in here as I find them and tick them off the list.


Alona Vibe AM studio Monica Steffensen Flattered Inga boots

#1 Boots with a heel

The first item on the list was to get a pair of high heeled boots which are comfy enough to wear on a daily basis while being cool. I own and mainly wear adidas ultra boost and New Balance 990, and while I love these, they are not that great for a business meeting in the consultancy industry. I know that Steve Job wore exactly the NB 990, jeans and a random tee, but I think the only reason he could pull it off was because of the billion dollar tech company he built. Another reason is enjoy channeling my feminine energy via a pair of high heels.


Inga boots from swedish flattered

I’ve had my eyes on swedish Flattered for some years. They effortlessly combine scandinavian simplicity with sourthern warmth, publish beautiful photo campaigns, collaborate with great talents like Emily, and produce their styles in EU.

Some months ago Flattered sent me a pair of their Inga Black Nappa boots, as a PR gift (ad / not paid). #gifted or not, these boots are incredible and I’ve have worn them ever since I received them back in fall.

I find that the combination between the squared toe and the chunky wooden(-looking) heel creates such a sophisticated yet cool look. Never have I been asked as much about an item as these - and I get it - they quite perfect.

Alona Vibe AM studio Monica Steffensen Flattered Inga boots
Flattered Alona Vibe Monica Steffensen
Flattered Alona Vibe Monica Steffensen

Photos are shot as a creative collaboration between talented Monica Steffensen & myself

Modelling sustainable coats for FJORDRUBY

A couple of months ago I agreed to model for a brand that I have been looking forward to tell more about.

Fjord Ruby is a sustainable outerwear brand that design and produce coats in limited quantities using deadstock textiles with a mission to reduce waste in the fashion industry. I’ve kept an eye on the ladies behind Fjord Ruby for quite a while and I see all of their creations as really high quality and sophisticated. Therefore, it was a complete no-brainer for me to be a face for such a mission and project.

The campaign is shot by Kia Hartelius who I have assisted on several shoots and hold very dear. Absolutely loved being portrayed by Kia, alongside Safa and Nanna.

fjord ruby kia hartelius
fjordruby Kia Hartelius

Campaign for fjordruby
Shot by Kia Hartelius
Beauty by Ayoe Nissen